JUNE 17 - 21, 2019


107 Broadway, Newburgh, NY 12550

Our inaugural ENE Crossroads of the Future “Smart City, Smart Region” renewable energy conference comprises general sessions with keynote presentations on the broad subject of the green technology economy in the context of sustainable development, energy efficiency, investment, education, training, and career opportunities.

These sessions are complemented by a panel/Q&A sessions that seek to articulate the key elements, including, industry insights, multi-agency collaborations, and career opportunities of renewable sources of energy.

Sessions will examine the economic and social opportunities stemming from sustainability and green tech and help propose and set an agenda for future action from our local community and region.


ENE is hosting a seminal, five-day (5) conference in the historic and scenic Hudson River Valley in Newburgh, NY — the first municipality to be electrified by Thomas Edison himself. As such, we pay homage to our origin story and rich history as we work to restore the city and region toward national prominence in green energy.

There are more than 19,200 small towns and cities in the U.S. with populations under 100,000. These overlooked places actually represent more than 70% of the American population. Newburgh with its population of 29,801 is an American icon. These historical small towns and cities embody some of the greatest challenges and opportunities that homeowners, residents, and business owners face.

We seek to set a shining example of how to empower people through learning, connections, and career advancement opportunities. Further, we seek to demonstrate how small cities can be at the forefront of helping solve our greatest environmental, societal, and economic challenges.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the transition to clean and renewable energy while creating attractive and exciting career opportunities in the Hudson River Valley Region.

Come join us, support us, and be part of needed change!

FREE ADMISSION for NEWBURGHERS, STUDENTS and FACULTY. Limited to space availability! Please arrive on time.