On April 1, 1884, one of the country’s first central electric generating stations opened in the then Village of Newburgh, New York.

Thomas Alva Edison personally supervised the construction of the facility which was designed to produce power for incandescent lighting. The Village of Newburgh station provided a 1,600-light capacity. It still stands at 59-69 Montgomery Street.

From George Washington to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, writers to architects, poets to painters, inventors to actors - the invention of the silver screen - down to the first box spring mattress all started here.

Edison illuminated that village, this now City of Newburgh, and with that light, helped launch us into a future of grand possibilities. We will continue to honor the new and visionary works of all those who pass through our halls and the change they inspire, not only within ourselves, but also in the world around.



*The Edison© is a jury award given to one filmmaker in each of the following categories for their outstanding work.

Best Narrative Feature 
Best Narrative Short 
Best Documentary 
Best Documentary Short  Best Animation

The Mickey Spillane Award 'The Mickey' (Best Screenplay) 
The William S. Hart Award (Best Actor & Best Actress) 
The Illumination Award (Best Promising Student Filmmaker) 
The Grind House Award (Best Otherworldly Feature) 
The Eddy(best mobile Feature)

The Illuminator ( Honorary Director Award)

*The Edison© or The Eddy© film award named after THOMAS ALVA EDISON.