The East Northeast International Film Festival (ENE) has been established by writer-director Robert Fontaine to celebrate independent film, music, and the green technology industry all at the crossroads of the future, Newburgh, New York.

ENE© is dedicated to making this festival an important networking destination full of opportunities for artists. Professionals, amateurs, and local film enthusiasts will be able to meet, network and collaborate.

Our social festival will host a film competition along with music from local, national and international acts, art, food, and a green tech conference. Location is everything, and given our convenient accessibility; by land, river, and air, the City of Newburgh, has a unique setting to host what will be thoughtfully grown into a respectable and premiere international event in the USA.

The festival will host multiple screenings of handpicked independent films from all over the world; showcasing the talents of new and emerging filmmakers.

ENE© will launch OCTOBER 10 - 14, 2019 in Newburgh, New York and seeks to be a part of a diverse and creative global community.

Portions of the festival's annual revenues will be channeled into ongoing grants to support various City of Newburgh revitalization projects, organizations and continuing education.

We hope to see you there!